What I Believe

Living Consciously and Purposefully

Life is precious and short. I believe we have both an ability and response-ability to find our purpose, our heartfelt place, and create and live a life we love living. We need only ask the right questions…quality questions.

For three decades my heart-centered life’s work has been in the addiction recovery arena. As a family interventionist, I have guided families and individuals through the minefield that is addiction, from a fear-filled toxic place to one of hope and freedom and promise.

I have seen what felt and looked like miracles. I have witnessed those at “the bottom” in a prison of addiction not only break out but thrive and create amazing lives. I have been inspired by those stuck in the pain of codependency free themselves with a decision to reclaim their lives, heal, and find joy and freedom as well.

I know the gratitude and grace that comes with the merger of desire and faith. Faith in a generous, loving Higher Power and a certainty of its infinite nature. I have experienced the wondrous results of a clear intention coupled with action one step at a time.

My first heroes and guides were Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. Emerson urged, in his essay “Self-Reliance,” the avoidance of conformity and false consistency: “Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string.” Likewise, Thoreau’s writings spoke to me, his answers to big questions found in nature and solitude.

In my early adulthood, as I was joyfully exploring spirituality, I was also developing a friendship with substance alcohol. In the beginning of our relationship, the drink was both fun and empowering, and I saw no conflict whatsoever with my exploration of a relationship with a Higher Power and achieving life goals. It made me feel invulnerable as well as happy and more confident. I was sorting out how to go forward in life, whether to be a psychologist or veterinarian or journalist, for I was 18 and leaving home to start college.

My story of progression into, through, and recovery from alcoholism is one of a 13-year journey. At the age of 30 I woke up to its subtle, insidious, destructive impacts on my life. Since that unforgettable day of decision and surrender, I have, one day at a time, chosen sobriety and am grateful beyond measure for the life it has afforded me.

Today I receive immense joy from seeing others discover a magnificent life beyond addiction and codependency’s pain, guilt, and constraints. The possibilities when we embrace true freedom! The daring to dream, the daring to deserve! Because we do, you do!

To this end, to help others achieve their dreams, I sought out the best transformational life coaching training, one that resonated in every aspect and inspired in me a passion to share and teach others and continue the learning. I found it in the Brave Thinking Institute, founded by Mary Morrissey.

Happy to share more, answer your questions, explore the possibility of our working together to help you soar in whatever direction you are called. It would be my privilege and honor. So be in touch…let’s talk. There is no charge for an initial conversation and consultation. If it’s “a fit,” we’ll know, and if not, I may have ideas for you.