Coaching For A Fuller, More Expanded Life

Jo Ann has had a national family intervention practice in the addiction recovery field since 1991.  She practices an educational, invitational model that emphasizes honesty, inclusiveness, and respectful communication. One of the “early interventionists,” she saw the importance of educating on addictive disease and the shame that drives it, reducing judgment, and helping families lead with more compassion. The process effectively guides “the willing” toward a healing path of recovery of wellness and freedom. Her decades-long mission has been to eliminate the unfortunate stigma associated with the affliction of alcoholism and addiction.

Jo Ann has been based most of her career in Sonoma/Marin, northern California. Family Intervention Services became Family Intervention Associates, as she saw the value of co-facilitation in the process. She is a founding member of both the international Association of Intervention Specialists (AIS) and Network of Independent Interventionists (NII). She received her Masters Degree in Consulting Psychology from John F. Kennedy University, and Intervention certifications BRI-II and CIP.

Now based in Colorado, her broader passion today beyond recovery coaching is transformational life coaching.  A certified life coach through the Brave Thinking Institute, she helps people achieve clarity on life dreams, design their ideal life, and launch it with a proven success system called DreamBuilder. Her coaching is evocative and heart-centered. She helps clients identify their discontent and longing, and move forward with less fear and more faith in Life’s wondrous and infinite possibilities.

In her own life, a desire for a country life with horses and other animals was realized at the age of thirty, the year she chose sobriety and committed to a heart-centered life to be lived as fearlessly as possible.  She currently resides on the magnificent west slope of the CO Rockies, on a beautiful ranch that she has determined is “begging to be shared.” Therefore she is offering periodic DreamBuilding retreats for people answering their own calling to launch their vision, their dreams for their one precious life.